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The Cavanna Group is proud to define itself as an eco-sustainable company, in a historical time when the well-being of humanity is increasingly related to the well-being of the natural environment.

Why do we define ourselves as an eco-sustainable company?

  • Because all the material traded, processed and used in our productive lines comes from PEFC certified forests, the certification that guarantees the origin of forests controlled and managed in a sustainable way.
  • Because we develop and contribute to the diffusion of wooden houses and zero-impact houses. In fact, thanks to the thermodynamic properties of wood, the houses thus made fall in energy class A
  • Because all the waste from our production lines is used for the production of wood chips, intended for the production of thermal and electrical energy in biomass plants.
  • Because, by trading poplar trunks, we advocate the use of an environmentally sustainable material, given that poplar cultivation takes place on agricultural land. In this way, the pressure on natural woods both in Italy and abroad is reduced and we can contribute to the best satisfaction of those environmental and landscaping benefits which are increasingly considered to be a priority objective of forests.