Our mission:

The mission of the Cavanna Group is to promote the use of wood, a noble material that safeguards humanity, respecting all our values, such as:

  • Attention and respect towards our collaborators be they suppliers or customers, as success is closely related to mutual respect.
  • Precision, which involves respecting deadlines with excellent quality standards, without leaving anything to chance.
  • Pioneering, as we try to innovate in all our fields of work in order to improve ourselves day by day.
  • Passion, essential to make a good product, to offer a service worthy of note and always guarantee the same quality standards.
  • Respect of costs and deadlines: reliability also means this, respecting the agreements, which is essential in particular when dealing with complex projects, where even the smallest inaccuracy might be relatively large.

“To achieve important goals everyone’s collaboration is essential.”

AD Cavanna Group