The Cavanna Bros. saw-mill is born

It was 1946 the year of birth of the small sawmill of the Cavanna brothers. Five brothers, who were animated by a deeply felt dedication to work and considerable experience in cutting down timber. The main activity of the newly born Cavanna sawmill was the marketing of logs and timber from all over the Liguria-Piedmont Apennines and from the nearby Po Valley.


A step forward into in the international market

Family-based by birth and vocation, the sawmill of the Cavanna Brothers grew up to the point to become in 1984, under the direction Giansandro Cavanna, a company of international scope: the original activity increased with the production of wooden structures and the marketing of beams, panels and planks, to be distributed throughout the national territory, from all over Europe.


Glocknerholz is born

In 2006, thanks to a deep knowledge of the trade and a broad, flexible vision of the market, Glocknerholz was founded in Austria: the aim was to improve timber purchases from all over northern Europe by contracting other dealers and companies in the sector, offering sales, brokerage and consultancy.


SM Logistic is born

Over the years, the Company has constantly grown, expanding its work horizon to logistics. In 2011 SM Logistic was born, which was initially designed to guarantee an excellent tailor-made transport service tour customers. Over the years, this company has been able to carve out a space in the road transport market.


Corporate merger with Nord Imballaggi

2018 was the year of the corporate merger with Nord Imballaggi, a thriving company in the industrial packaging market, which had been founded by the Zanotti Family in 1948. Initially born as a saw-mill, it has gradually become an influential/efficient company under the direction of Carlo Zanotti, expanding its horizon in the sector of industrial packaging.


Cavanna Group is born

In 2019, having observed the exponential growth of the corollary companies, now well placed in a market independent from the parent company, it was decided to unify all the companies. Such step entailed a restyling of the corporate image, starting from the name: that was the origin of the Cavanna Group, ready to climb the heights of new, challenging, innovative business.