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Wooden houses have a unique charm thanks to the warm and cosy atmosphere they offer. However, maintaining a wooden house requires a little extra care to ensure that it remains beautiful and functional over time.

Here are five essential tips for the care of your wooden house:

1. Regular inspections

Regular inspections are crucial to detect problems such as mould, stains, cracks or water infiltration at an early stage. A professional can diagnose these problems early, enabling targeted interventions and preventing more serious damage. Schedule annual inspections to keep your home in perfect condition.

2. Cleaning and protecting wood

To clean the wood in your home, use gentle detergents specifically for this material, avoiding abrasive products that can damage the finish. In addition to cleaning, it is important to periodically apply protective treatments such as varnishes and wood oils. These treatments help protect the wood from atmospheric agents and UV rays, preserving its integrity and beauty.

3. Humidity control

Humidity is one of the main enemies of wood, as it can cause the development of mould. Maintaining an adequate humidity level inside the house is essential, especially in the winter months. If necessary, use dehumidifiers or fans to control humidity and prevent damage to the wood.

4. Protection from insects and woodworms

Insects such as termites and woodworms can cause damage to wooden structures. To prevent their occurrence, it is recommendable to apply specific anti-parasite treatments. In addition, scheduling regular inspections with professionals can help detect and treat infestations early, protecting your home from structural damage.

5. Roof maintenance

The roof is a fundamental part of protecting your wooden house. It is important to inspect it regularly to ensure that it is in good condition and that there is no water infiltration. In case of damage, taking early action with the necessary repairs is essential to avoid more serious problems that could compromise the entire structure.

By following these five tips, you can guarantee your wooden house a long life and keep its beauty intact.

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