The Cavanna Group has always been concerned about safety in the workplace, so during the emergency, covid-19 undertook to ensure the correct distance and hygiene of the rooms with weekly disinfection.

According to the DPCM of 26 April 2020, the company:

  • adopted plexiglass solutions to avoid contact between internal staff and customers;
  • equipped all personnel with protective masks, gloves and all necessary dpi;
  • all personnel are equipped with protective masks, gloves and all necessary dpi;
  • displayed various information signs in both national and English language with written information about behaviours necessary for the containment of Covid-19;
  • adopted the guidelines of the above-mentioned Prime Minister's Decree on safety on construction sites.

Thanks to our experience in the field of timber construction, we have been able to reduce the time required considerably and limit the contacts between the employees on site. Not only when laying wooden roofs, but also when building wooden houses, as most of the construction elements are prefabricated in our factories.
The Cavanna Group is proud to be at the forefront of the fight against sars-cov2 through various donations of dpi (templates with ffp2 certification) to the RSA in the province of Alessandria.