Thanks to Ecobonus 2020 you can benefit from incentives and tax deductions of up to 110% for renovation, demolition or reconstruction of buildings such as houses, second homes, amateur sports clubs, businesses or shops.


The Ecobonus 2020 is part of what are called "superbonuses", i.e. incentives introduced by the government in the Relaunch Decree aimed at encouraging the green economy and sustainable development. In particular, therefore, the Ecobonus 2020 is a tax relief for all those people who intend to carry out renovations (including demolitions and reconstructions) of things, buildings, offices, shops, warehouses or amateur sports associations in view of their energy efficiency.
That's why the perfect buildings for this type of efficiency are wooden ones, in fact, thanks to the use of wooden walls you can improve the energy efficiency of a building of at least one class, the same happens with a wooden roof thanks to the hygroscopic characteristics of the wood itself.
Efficiency that reaches its maximum with the construction of a wooden house, in fact all the wooden houses of Cavanna Group are in class A, the highest energy efficiency class and with the integration of appropriate systems in the Upper Class, called "passive house". For this reason the wooden houses represent an undisputed investment in quality and economic enjoyable over time.


The 110% Super Ecobonus is ready to take off and with it the Cavanna Group is ready to meet your demands.