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In the area of pre-cut wooden roofs, we distinguish ourselves by having embraced this pioneering technology since 2007. Through a continuous process of innovation and development, we are able to offer the highest quality solutions, guaranteeing precision, efficiency and concrete benefits to our customers.

At the heart of our pre-cutting system are Hundegger’s modern 5-axis CNC systems. These systems transform roof concepts developed with CAD software into pre-cut roofs with the highest precision.

Our pre-cut roof is characterised by:

  • Impeccable precision: cuts and joints are made with the maximum precision, guaranteeing a perfect fit of the components and a solid, strong structure.
  • Efficiency on the construction site: the pre-cutting system greatly simplifies the assembly of the roof because each component is numbered and accompanied by a detailed installation diagram, guaranteeing correct installation of the beams. This system not only improves the precision of cuts and joints, but also simplifies the assembly phase, speeding up the entire process.
  • Cost reduction: pre-cutting eliminates the need for on-site work, reducing the costs of labour, transport and equipment such as lifting tools.
  • Design flexibility: the pre-cut system allows roofs of any shape and complexity, with customised solutions for every architectural requirement.
  • High-quality materials: we only use certified timber from sustainable managed forests, guaranteeing environmentally friendly and durable products.

Cavanna Group’s pre-cut roof is the ideal solution for

  • Builders: to create high quality wooden roofs with optimised time and costs.
  • Architects: to create complex and innovative architectural projects.
  • Individuals: to build their own wooden house with maximum safety, efficiency and respect for the environment.

Cavanna Group is the ideal partner for pre-cut wooden roofs with precision, efficiency and innovation.

Contact us to find out more and request a customised offer.