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Cavanna Group embraces Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) to redefine its wood supply chain, raising it to new levels of excellence. The harmonious integration of robotics, automation and human skills is at the core of this approach, resulting in an efficient, precise, flexible and interconnected production process.

At the centre of this strategy are state-of-the-art design software, state-of-the-art robotic nailing equipment and IoT solutions. This system allows customers’ ideas to be translated into concrete solutions with maximum precision, speed and interconnection. The flexibility of the system also allows real-time changes to be made, guaranteeing a 360-degree service that meets each customer’s needs.

The benefits of this 4.0 approach are multiple:

  • Increased efficiency: robotization and automation optimise production times, reduce waste and improve the quality of the finished product.
  • Impeccable precision: robots guarantee millimetric precision in woodworking, minimising errors.
  • Incomparable flexibility: the system adapts to the specific needs of each customer, allowing changes to be made during the process and guaranteeing customised solutions.
  • Customer involvement: the automated supply chain enables constant dialogue with the customer, allowing them to monitor the progress of the project, request changes in time or receive production data in real time.
  • Optimised productivity: the IoT allows real-time data on production to be collected and analysed, identifying potential inefficiencies and optimising processes.
  • Predictive maintenance: IoT sensors monitor the status of machines, preventing faults and ensuring uninterrupted production.
  • Increased safety: IoT systems can implement advanced safety measures to protect workers and machinery.

Technological innovation 4.0 and IoT represent an essential value for Cavanna Group. The company looks to the future with the aim of improving its wood supply chain, integrating increasingly advanced, sustainable and interconnected solutions to offer its customers wooden products of absolute excellence.

Let’s build the future of wood, together.
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