Wood logistic

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SM Logistics, a company that belongs to the Cavanna Group, was established as a support company, to organize customized transports for the customers, by means of several vehicles owned by the Company, with specific uses for the different types of products transported. A feature that still remains today, but related to a real logistics activity all over the national territory and on a large part of Europe. Thanks to the internal collaboration with Nord Imballaggi, we can store our customers’ products in our warehouse. The items will be properly packed by our staff, specifically trained, with the help of special protections, such as: a coupled barrier for protection against atmospheric agents and chemicals, dehydrating salts necessary to guarantee a dry environment inside the barrier bags, VCL for active protection of ferrous elements, together with the traditional protections, that is bubble wrap, laminations, angles and rods. The products thus protected are then stowed inside crates and cages of our production, which have specific dimensions and characteristics suitable for the requested service. Through collaborations with various Port Terminals, favoured by our position close to the Port of Genoa, we can organize shipments by sea, as well as by land forwarding the goods by road or by train. Support is provided in all stages of transportation.