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  • Type
    lumber for building

Type: lumber for building

Essence: Fir, Larch, Weymouth Pine, Chestnut, Oak

Assortment: Timber of various sizes (prismatic, sub-measures, bark, butt logs), scantlings and strips.
Quality: for building and packaging

  • Type

Type: Planned

Essence: Fir, Larch, Chestnut, Oak

Assortment: Planed boards for building and tapped boards of various sizes.
Quality: CE certified according to EN-14815

  • Type
    solid wood beams

Type: solid wood beams

Essence: Fir, Larch, Chestnut, Oak

Assortment: fresh and dry gleaned, raw and planed in various sections and lengths.
Quality: CE certified beams on request

  • Type
    trieste use and fiume use

Type: trieste use and fiume use

Essence: Fir, Larch, Chestnut, Oak

Assortment: Spruce for Trieste use, beams for Fiume use in fir, larch, chestnut and oak, in various sections and lengths
Quality: CE certified beams on request

  • Type
    solid laminated beams

Type: solid laminated beams

Essence: Fir, Larch

Assortment: Beams in various sections and lengths, straight or curved: can be ordered on measure.
Quality: different qualitities for fairfaced and for industrial use. CE certified beams according to EN 14080 (GL24, GL28 C, GL32 H)

  • Type
    Pannelli X lam

Type: Pannelli X lam

Essence: fir

Assortment: panels of various sections and lengths.
Quality: visible AB non-visible BC ETA-06/0009 approved

  • Type
    reinforcement panels

Type: reinforcement panels

Essence: Fir

Assortment: Planed boards for building and tapped boards of various sizes.
Quality: CE certified according to EN-14815

  • Type
    multilayers and osb phenolic panels

Type: multilayers and osb phenolic panels

Essence: Birch, Poplar, Pine

Assortment: phenolic plywood (elliottis pine, Russian pine), birch plywood, OSB panels in pine and poplar.
Quality: for construction, packaging and furniture industry according to UNI EN 13017-1

more than a job, our passion.

The Cavanna Group can boast over three generations of experience in the timber trade sector, with timber from all over Europe and has always guaranteed the best material at the lowest price. Having a warehouse consisting of over 6000 cubic meters of material, we can fulfil any order for our sector in record time: features that have made us well known all over the national territory.

Thanks to the internal collaboration with SM Logistics, we can arrange customized transports for our clients, of whatever quantities and sizes. In this way, we offer a sort of warehousing for customers who wish to collaborate with us.

The main products marketed by Cavanna Group are semi-finished, wooden products for construction and packaging, in different essences such as fir, larch, pine, oak and chestnut, which make us the ideal suppliers to construction materials warehouses, important building companies, other retailers of timbers, as well as packers and shippers who are looking for a solid collaboration.

The quality of our products is guaranteed through constant checks by our highly qualified staff: in the case of semi-finished products, checking starts since in the production phase.

Besides the trade in semi-finished wood, it is added the trade in poplar trunks, thanks to the collaboration with dozens of farms in the Po Valley. Here, the quality control starts in the lot, to continue throughout the tree felling phase; then, the lots of higher quality are offered for sale to companies that produce plywood panels, whereas the remaining, less valuable part is supplied to companies that produce OSB wood panels, paper-mills and sawmills for packaging.

With the waste of our entire production chain, we produce wood chips, which are then supplied to biomass power plants for the production of thermal and electrical energy: the production of wood chips is also guaranteed by the felling of coppice.

  • Type
    autoclave-impregnated wood

Type: autoclave-impregnated wood

Essence: Fir, Pine

Assortment: turned and conical poles, planks and beams in solid wood, lamellar of various sizes.
Quality: Different qualities for building applications according to DIN 68 800

  • Type

Type: insulators

Essence: Polyester, rock wool, wood fiber

Assortment: Panels of various thicknesses.
Quality: Different transmittances according to type

  • Type

Type: Pellets

Essence: fir

Assortment: In sacks and big bags.
Quality: EN Plus Certified

  • Type

Type: chipped

Essence: Poplar, Fir, Hardwood

Assortment: Of various sizes.
Quality: For industrial use