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At a time when human well-being and the health of the Planet are closely intertwined, we embrace a green philosophy that permeates every aspect of our activities.

We firmly believe that long-term prosperity depends on a harmonious relationship with the environment. For this reason, we base our production chain on environmentally friendly principles, using only material from PEFC-certified forests, which guarantees responsible and sustainable forest management.

We promote and incentivise the construction of wooden houses, an advantageous choice for the environment and for living comfort. Thanks to its exceptional thermodynamic properties, wood makes it possible to construct buildings in energy class A, guaranteeing considerable energy savings and unrivalled living comfort.

The focus on eco-sustainability also extends to the recycling of production waste, which is transformed into wood chips to fuel biomass power plants to produce thermal and electrical energy.

A further example of our concrete commitment is the commercialisation of poplar logs, grown on dedicated farmland. This choice reduces pressure on natural forests, helping to preserve biodiversity and environmental balances both in Italy and abroad.

We at Cavanna Group do not simply declare our commitment to sustainability, but translate it into concrete actions that aim to build a greener and more responsible future for present and future generations.

Ours is an environmentally sustainable company, which is why we invite all our stakeholders to embrace our values and contribute to create a better world.