wooden houses

A wooden house is 100% eco-friendly. Besides, thanks to the hygroscopic characteristics of the wood, it allows for much healthier air inside the house: thus contributing to the well-being of humanity in two steps, one direct and one indirect. The house of the future cannot but be a wooden house, because of the great many advantages it offers compared to a traditional, masonry house. However, adequate planning is essential to fully exploit the advantages of a biological material such as wood.

Over the years, several techniques for the design of wooden houses have taken hold. However, only a few can be considered up to the level of a noble, precious material such as wood; among the most important, and used by the Cavanna Group, is the X-lam technology and the in-frame and Blockhouse technologies


  • ECOLOGY AND HEALTH: A wooden house guarantees the absence of thermal bridges or the risk of condensation, thanks to the high vapour permeability.
  • WOOD MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Wood in general, and laminated wood in particular, is an excellent construction material because, being elastic, it displays a high resistance to traction, compression and flexion: besides, it has a low specific weight and excellent thermo-acoustic characteristics.
  • ANTI-SEISMIC AND FIRE-RESISTANT: Wood has elastic characteristics and torsional rigidity quite similar to steel, which enables it to resist telluric forces; Another important feature to be added to the ones listed above is its fire resistance which, though it may appear paradoxical, is greater than traditional bricks. The buildings entirely made of wood, both in lamellar and solid wood, guarantee REI equal to, or even higher than masonry structures or worse in reinforced concrete.
  • ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES AND RAPIDITY OF ASSEMBLY: Thanks to their high insulation, wooden houses reduce energy loss, generating long-term economic savings. Thus, the house is cool in summer and warm in winter, avoiding unnecessary expenses of conditioning and heating. Another factor worth consideration is the speed of execution and installation of wooden houses, much faster than a traditional brick house.
  • THE HOUSE OF THE FUTURE IS IN CLASS A: Prefabricated wooden houses have won many prejudices rooted in our brick culture, demonstrating extraordinary qualities, compatible with the future vision of sustainable housing which fully responds to the parameters of modern construction. Firstly, a wooden house guarantees a significant reduction of CO2, in compliance with the current regulations established by the Kyoto Protocol. All the wooden houses of the Cavanna Group can fall into Class A and, when integrated with appropriate systems, in the Upper Class, named “passive house”. Wooden houses represent and undisputed qualitative and economic investment enjoyable over the time.
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Cavanna Wooden roofs

Wooden roofs

Resistant and long-lasting

A wooden roof gives the house beauty, warmth and living-comfort. Thanks to its versatility and the different shades and colours that nature offers.

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Cavanna Wooden houses

Wooden houses

Anti-seismic and fire resistant

Thanks to their high insulation, wooden houses reduce energy loss, generating long-term economic savings.

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Cavanna Great Structures

Great Structures

With big designs

By Great we mean all those structures which are complex and difficult to design such as bridges, multi-storey buildings as well as unusual structures like carports.