Wooden roofs are not all the same. For this reason, they cannot be designed in series, but a careful analysis of the building that will house the roof is required. Over the years, the levels of specialization and advanced technology that we have reached has enabled us to create wooden roofs of all sizes and shapes, suitable to satisfy even the most ambitious architectural requirements. They go from the energy efficiency of the ventilate wooden roof to the versatility of the laminated wooden roofs, from the bleached wooden roofs that meet the most sophisticated aesthetic needs to simple brushing that highlights the natural beauty of the material.


Choosing wood when projecting the covering roof of one’s home means first of all choosing all those advantageous features that this material naturally brings:

  • Resistant and long-lasting. Wood is a resistant and solid material that adapts to any climatic variation as it is in total balance with the environment. That is why wooden roofs guarantee greater durability than concrete roofs over the time.
  • Safe. A wooden roof is naturally anti-seismic. Thanks to its lightness, elasticity and to its strong resistance to compression, it can cushion the stresses caused by the action of an earthquake. In addition, a wooden roof offers safety thanks to its excellent mechanical resistance to the fire (REI).
  • Insulating. The construction of a wooden roof, with insulating panels arranged on the planking and covered with a breathable, waterproof, protective sheath, guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, with the advantage of great energy savings.
  • Welcoming and versatile. A wooden roof gives a home beauty, warmth and living comfort. Thanks to its versatility and to the different shades and colours that nature offers, wood can easily adapt to any architectural, functional and aesthetic needs.
  • Quick to be built. The design and installation of a wooden roof, thanks to its simplicity, takes much shorter times than the construction of a traditional concrete roof.

To all this, we add the advantages that come from the technology applied: the appropriate choices in the planning phase, the quality of the materials and of the components involved, the installation carried out flawlessly. All that contributes to maximizing the advantages and the levels of interior living comfort.


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The Cavanna Group is proud to define itself as a pioneering company in the pre-cutting system; in fact, our investments in this new processing system began back in 2007 and continue today so as to bring increasing innovation in our work. Thanks to our modern CNC systems with 2 heads and 5 axes, branded Hundegger (a leading company in the sector), through special CAM software we can process a roof previously designed with CAD software and create pre-cut roofs.

The pre-cut roof system consists in providing the beams in assembly kits. To ensure the correct laying of the beams, the items are numbered and supplied with a special laying scheme showing the heights and the positioning distances of the warping. This system allows to improve the quality of the cuts and consequently of the joints, simplifying at the same time the assembly phase, thus speeding up the entire manufacturing process, from production to installation.

This system also allows to significantly reduce the costs of labour, transportation and lifting means. The pre-cut roof system also allows the creation of more complex architectural works, which would be impossible just following the traditional manufacturing methods.

The perfect wood for this system is laminated wood, thanks to its extraordinary stability: however, the pre-cutting process can also be carried out on solid wood of whatever essence and on beams with bevelled edges ("uso Fiume").

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tetti in legno
Cavanna Wooden roofs

Wooden roofs

Resistant and long-lasting

A wooden roof gives the house beauty, warmth and living-comfort. Thanks to its versatility and the different shades and colours that nature offers.

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Cavanna Wooden houses

Wooden houses

Anti-seismic and fire resistant

Thanks to their high insulation, wooden houses reduce energy loss, generating long-term economic savings.

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Cavanna Great Structures

Great Structures

With big designs

By Great we mean all those structures which are complex and difficult to design such as bridges, multi-storey buildings as well as unusual structures like carports.