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Packaging is the key to protecting any product, and we design and manufacture packaging that not only protects products from static and dynamic stresses during transport, but also defends them from external agents, in line with the highest standards of quality and safety.
In particular, we specialise in light packaging through the production of pallets, and in heavy packaging, with the manufacture of wooden crates and cages.
Pallets are a crucial platform when goods have to be handled by specific vehicles such as forklifts and pallet trucks, to facilitate transport and storage. We produce different types of pallets, from standard 4-way to 2-way pallets, also offering customised solutions at the customer’s request.

In addition to pallets, our production includes crates, the safest form of packaging for the protection of fragile and weather-sensitive materials during shipment by air, sea, land or train. We use various types of timber, such as stacked spruce, tapped spruce, phenolic plywood, birch and O.S.B. Our product range is rounded off with strong wooden crates, ideal for materials that are not damaged by exposure to the weather.

The true excellence of our service can be seen in our tailor-made approach and the introduction of smart, networked machinery. We carefully analyse the product to be packaged, the transport needs and logistical dynamics, also weighing up the criticalities related to storage and transport in all geographic contexts.
Design is done through dedicated software, involving the customer at all stages and allowing modifications during the process because we can readjust the production line in real time, maintaining the same production efficiency typical of standard products, but increasing effectiveness. In this way, we are able to produce customer-tailored packaging. Our advanced, robotic and flexible nailing equipment can fulfil any request in the shortest possible time.
To ensure the highest quality, we subject our packaging to leak tests at accredited laboratories and obtain certifications according to international standards.
This allows us not only to serve important companies in the metal and engineering sectors, but also to meet the needs of food companies.
We conclude the packaging customisation process by applying the customer’s brand name to it. In a word, we guarantee top quality packaging, helping to preserve and enhance our customers’ products.


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