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For more than three generations we have excelled in trading timber from all over Europe, striving always to offer the best material at the lowest price.
We have a huge warehouse holding more than 6000 cubic metres of wood ready to be shipped in record time. That is why we are known all over the country.
Our logistics area means we can organise tailor-made
transport for our customers, regardless of the quantity and type of material in question.
We offer a kind of warehousing service for those who wish to collaborate with us.

Trucks moved
cu. <sup>m.</sup> treated
Kilometres travelled
Products marketed

Our main products? Semi-finished wood products for construction and packaging, with a variety of wood species such as spruce, larch, pine, oak and chestnut. We are the ideal suppliers for building material warehouses, big construction companies, timber dealers, packers and forwarding agents looking for a solid partnership deal. The quality of our products is always guaranteed by the constant controls of our highly qualified staff, which start right from the production phase.

In addition to semi-finished products, we also process popular logs through our cooperation with farms in the Po Valley. We control the quality right from the initial batch stage and throughout the felling process. The best quality logs are sold to plywood panel manufacturers, while those of lesser value go to OSB panel companies, paper mills and packaging sawmills.
The waste from our production becomes wood chips, which we supply to biomass power plants for the production of heat and electricity. A comprehensive, sustainable production chain, from the forest to your home.


We are available to meet all your demands: contact us!

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15078 Rocca Grimalda (AL)
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