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Wooden roofs

Wooden roofs cannot be mass produced, but thanks to our experience and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to design and build wooden roofs of all shapes and sizes, ready to accommodate any architect’s most innovative ideas.

From ventilated roofs to promote energy efficiency, to seamlessly integrated glulam roofs, through bleached roofs that meet even the most sophisticated aesthetic requirements, all the way to finishes that enhance the innate beauty of wood.

Why opt for a wooden roof? Our commitment to the quality and functionality of the timber roof is reflected in its sturdiness and reliability. The solidity of this structure comes with a flexibility that allows it to adapt to changes in climate in an ecologically responsible manner.

Speaking of safety, our timber roofs boast noteworthy earthquake-resistant features. Their lightness and elasticity in compression enable them to withstand the stresses resulting from seismic events, providing a reliable response in critical situations.

We do not ignore the importance of fire resistance, making the timber roof a key element in a structure’s fire safety. Thermal-acoustic insulation is guaranteed by the use of insulating panels, boards and breathable waterproof sheathing. These elements combined form an effective barrier against noise and temperature fluctuations, while ensuring significant energy savings.

Wood, with its ability to provide warmth, comfort and beauty, lends a cosy atmosphere to any home. Its multiple shades and colours allow the material to adapt to any architectural style with sobriety and refinement.

Finally, our focus on speed in the design and installation of timber roofs translates into efficiency without compromising on quality. We reduce waiting times to a minimum, while guaranteeing maximum precision in detail.

Pre-cut roofs

The Cavanna Group proudly stands out as a pioneer in pre-cutting, a technology we have embraced since back in 2007 and continue to develop in order to constantly bring innovation to our work.

Through our modern CNC systems, equipped with dual head and 5 axes, supplied by Hundegger, an industry leader, we are able to transform roof designs prepared with CAD software into pre-cut roofs. The pre-cut roof concept involves the supply of rafters in kit form.

Each component is numbered and accompanied by a detailed installation diagram, ensuring correct installation of the beams. This system not only improves the precision of cuts and joints, but also simplifies the assembly phase, speeding up the entire process from production to installation.

In addition, this approach allows a significant reduction in costs related to labour, transport resources and lifting equipment. The pre-cut roof system opens up the possibility of doing more complex architectural work, which would otherwise be difficult to achieve with traditional methods.

Glulam is particularly suited to this system because of its exceptional stability, but pre-cutting can also be applied to solid wood of any species and to Fiume beams.

Case history

Our signature, in every realisation.

Wooden houses

Timber house construction stands out for its complete environmental sustainability and naturalness, bringing significant benefits to air quality indoors. This also has a positive effect on human well-being, contributing directly and indirectly. The outlook for the future of housing is increasingly moving towards timber construction, given its many advantages over traditional masonry construction. However, to exploit the full potential of a biological material such as wood, proper design is essential.
Over time, many timber house design techniques have emerged, but only a few, expertly adopted by Cavanna Group, can be considered up to the standards of such a noble material as wood. Among the most relevant are X-lam, Frame and Blockhouse technology.

The advantages of a wooden house

Timber houses ensure the absence of thermal bridges and condensation risks due to their high vapour permeability, thus promoting a healthy environment.

Glulam, in particular, reveals excellent mechanical properties, being elastic and having considerable tensile, compressive and bending strength. In addition, its low specific weight and excellent thermal-acoustic characteristics make it a first-class building material.

Wood, with elastic characteristics similar to steel, demonstrates a remarkable ability to resist telluric forces. Surprisingly, its fire resistance is superior to that of traditional bricks, with wooden buildings providing REI values comparable or even higher than masonry or reinforced concrete structures.

Wooden houses, thanks to their excellent insulation, reduce energy loss, leading to long-term cost savings. Their ability to maintain comfortable temperatures during all seasons reduces air conditioning and heating costs. In addition, the construction and installation of wooden houses is considerably faster than traditional masonry houses.

Prefabricated timber houses, often undervalued compared to traditional masonry constructions, demonstrate exceptional qualities compatible with the future vision of sustainable building. They contribute significantly to CO2 reduction, complying with the regulations set by the Kyoto Protocol. All Cavanna Group timber houses can achieve Class A and, with the integration of appropriate systems, even Class Superior, defined as ‘passive house’. Wooden houses represent a long-lasting qualitative and economic investment.

Large structures

Every large structure requires a more refined design when it comes to bridges, multi-storey buildings and even unusual structures like carports. These are all projects that in the past were considered complex, unusual, and difficult to conceive in wood, but today have become reality thanks to our engineering department.
Through the constant development of these structures and our continuous efforts to improve in every aspect, we are able today to create the structures that will be the benchmark for the future.


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