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The group's <strong>green philosphy</strong>.

In an age in which human well-being is increasingly linked to the health of our environment, the Cavanna Group champions a commitment to sustainability, embodying a green philosophy that mirrors the core values of our company.

We are eco-friendly because a deep-rooted green philosophy inspires every aspect of our operations.
All our material comes from PEFC-certified forests, ensuring responsible and sustainable sourcing from environmentally managed forests.

We endorse and promote the construction of wooden houses, a zero-impact option due to the thermodynamic properties of wood that place them in energy class A.
The waste from our production is repurposed for the production of wood chips, fuelling biomass power plants for the generation of heat and electricity.
Our commitment to the use of environmentally sustainable materials is evident in our trade in poplar logs, which are cultivated on farmland to reduce pressure on natural forests, helping to preserve the environmental and landscape balance both in Italy and abroad.
We call ourselves an eco-friendly company because we believe that the prosperity of mankind is inextricably linked with the health of our environment, and our commitment translates into concrete actions targeting a sustainable, responsible future.