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Fuelled by passion and driven by their expertise in the art of felling trees, the Cavanna brothers launched a small sawmill in 1946. They focused initially on selling logs and planks sourced from the Ligurian-Piedmontese Apennines and the Po Valley, but the five brothers were determined to grow and expand the business.

In 1984, under the leadership of Giansandro Cavanna, the sawmill became an established international company. They no longer just sold timber, but produced wooden structures and traded beams, panels and planks from all over Europe.

A deep understanding of the industry led to Glocknerholz being set up in Austria in 2006. The objective? To improve timber procurement from all over Europe by cooperating with other retailers and companies in the sector. They offered sales, brokerage and consulting, always with a forward-looking perspective on the market.

2011 saw the birth of SM Logistics. Initially designed to provide a tailor-made transport service for customers. Over the years it has become a benchmark in the road, rail and sea transport market.

In 2018, came the merger with Nord Imballaggi, an industrial packaging company founded in 1948 by the Zanotti family. From sawmill to influential company, the Cavanna family has expanded its horizons in the industrial packaging sector.

And so, in 2019, as witness to the growth of its associated companies, the Cavanna Group was born. A union of all the companies, with a new look and a name that encapsulates our entrepreneurial spirit, always ready to take over innovative new businesses.

This was the year Filippo and Francesco Cavanna joined the company, the year of the new payoff – ‘Wood Innovation Industry‘ – created as a natural consequence of the decision to invest in Industrial IoT, data strategy and take the Cavanna Group into the future, today.