Wooden roofs are not all the same. For this reason, they cannot be designed in series, but a careful analysis of the building that will house the roof is required. Over the years, the levels of specialization and advanced technology that we have reached has enabled us to create wooden roofs of all sizes and shapes, suitable to satisfy even the most ambitious architectural requirements. They go from the energy efficiency of the ventilate wooden roof to the versatility of the laminated wooden roofs, from the bleached wooden roofs that meet the most sophisticated aesthetic needs to simple brushing that highlights the natural beauty of the material.

wooden houses

A wooden house is 100% eco-friendly. Besides, thanks to the hygroscopic characteristics of the wood, it allows for much healthier air inside the house: thus contributing to the well-being of humanity in two steps, one direct and one indirect. The house of the future cannot but be a wooden house, because of the great many advantages it offers compared to a traditional, masonry house. However, adequate planning is essential to fully exploit the advantages of a biological material such as wood.

great structures

By “Great” we mean all those structures, complex and difficult to design such as bridges, multi-storey buildings as well as unusual structures like carports. All these structures, traditionally considered complex, unusual or difficult to be conceived as wooden structures, have become reality thanks to our efficient technical office.